Sherring, Matthew A.
The sacred city of the Hindus: an account of Benares in ancient and modern times — London, 1868

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Panchganga Ghfit.—Legend respecting it. — Lakshmanbala Temple.—
The Minarets. — Temple of Kameswar. — The Machaudari Tirth or
Place of Pilgrimage.

The Panchganga Ghat is one of the five chief
places of pilgrimage on the hanks of the Ganges. The
Hindus helieve that five rivers meet at this spot. Their
names are Dhutapapa, Jarnanada, Kirananadi, Saraswatf,
and (Ganga) Ganges. Eespecting these streams, Mr.
Prinsep makes the following observations:—"A virgin,"
he says, "named D'horatpapa, whom Brahma pronounces
to he more pure than three and a half crores of the
holy tiraths (places of pilgrimage), having cause of com-
plaint against her admirer Dharma, politely pronounces
a malediction upon him, and turns him into the Dharma-
nada (river of virtue). He, in revenge, converts her
into a rock; hut her father, Vedasoor,*in compassion,
metamorphoses her again into the Chandrakanta (moon
stone), which, melting in the moon, forms a stream,
called D'horatpapa (channel of sin), an appropriate bride
for the river of virtue. The third stream, called Kirn-
nadda (brook of rays), was produced from the per-
spiration of the Sun, while performing penance in
honour of Mangulgouree (a form of Devi), on an ad-
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