Sonnini de Manoncourt, Charles Nicolas Sigisbert
Travels in upper and lower Egypt (Band 2) — London, 1807

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The first figure is a simple section, of which
Mr. Da!'on has given the perspective. This
section being taken on a much smaller scale than
the perspective view, a portion of the chamber
of the tomb is added in it. This drawing was
made by Mr. Davison, as first secretary to Mr.
Edward Wortley Montague, and afterwards to
M. de Chaulnes.

In fig. 2. is seen a view in perspective, drawn by
Mr. Dalton, of the space between the chamber of
the tomb, and the great inclined gallery These
parts are in the inside of the largest of the pyramids
at Memphis, which is open.

The English measures are used in both these

The object to be verified was the measures, and
the purpose for which these dra wings were sent by
M. de Chaulnes was, to compare them with actual
measurements on the spot. It will be seen, that
the section given by Davison (fig. i.) notices only
the spaces comprised between A, B, and C. In
this drawing B is an isolated wall, and C the pile
of masonry between these spaces and the gallery:
while in the 'perspective view by Dalton (fig. a.)
C is a second isolated wall, leaving a second space
between C and D, which here represents the massy

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