Studia Palmyreńskie — 12.2013

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Studia Palmyreńskie XII


Contributors 9

Abbreviations and standard references 11

Michał Gawlikowski

Preface 13

Waleed al-Asad

Some tombs recently excavated in Palmyra 15

Olivier Aurenche, Stefan Karol Kozłowski

Deux polonais a Palmyre (avril 1926) 25

Marek Barański

The first archaeologist of Palmyra 31

Christiane Delplace

Les recherches de la Mission archeologiąue franęaise a Palmyre 37

Lucinda Diroen

Palmyrenes in Hatra: evidence for cultural relations in the Fertile Crescent 49

Cynthia Finlayson

New perspectives on the ritual and cultic importance of women

at Palmyra and Dura Europos: processions and temples 61

Michał Gawlikowski

In the footsteps of Prince Abamelek in Palmyra 87

Denis Geneqnand

De Romę a 1'Islam : recherches recentes sur le dit Caesareum de Palmyre 97

Maria Teresa Grassi, Waleed al-As'ad

Pal.M.A.I.S. recherches et fouilles d'une nouvelle Mission conjointe syro-italienne

dans le ąuartier sud-ouest de Palmyre 115

Manar Hammad

Morphologie des environs de Palmyre : relief, enceintes, pistes 129

Khalil al-Hariri

The tomb of Aąraban 149

Agnes Henning

The tower tombs of Palmyra: chronology, architecture and decoration 159
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