Studio: international art — 1.1893

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Drawing for Reproduction

joy to the practitioner in black and white. Dark delightful ground tint everywhere ; it gives the
thunder clouds hovered over the place when the appearance of the drawing having been made upon
present writer sat down to sketch, and lent a fine a grey paper or prepared cardboard, but, truly, the
impending juicy air to the scene that seemed in- only paper used was a common, rough make that
capable of translation into pure line. Therefore, would be despised of the lordly amateur. Here

________________________you see the tricksy half-tone process,

j inconstant and irresponsible as Puck,

■ on its best behavour, and I think it

■ has secured a very notable result.
In appearance somewhat similar,

I but with the grey tint differently
applied, is this drawing of Henley-on-
Thames by Night. Here is a pure
pen-drawing, scratched and scribbled
to blackness, without much care for
finesse, the tint being reckoned upon
to assuage all angularities. The
original drawing was then lightly
scribbled over with blue pencil to
indicate to the process-man that a
mechanical tint was required, and
note was esDeciallv sent that the tint

henley-on-thames : night. line zinco block, showing

application of mechanical transfer tint was to be squarely cut, not vignetted,

and that no framing lines were to be
upon the pencil sketch was added pen-work, and placed round it. The result seems happy. This
to that more pencil, and when finished the drawing is a line block, not half-tone.

was sent to be processed, with special instructions In such a case the drawing is photographed
that the white spaces in the sky should be pre- and printed upon the sensitised zinc plate in
served together with those on the buildings, but the usual way for line-blocks, and the prescribed
that all else might acquire the light grey back- tint is then transferred, by pressure of thumb
ground which the half-tone process always gives. and fingers, from an inked engraved sheet of
In the result you can see this purely arbitrary but gelatine, to the picture already upon the zinc.



from a drawing by harry fenn. an example of splatter work
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