Studio: international art — 5.1895

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Japanese IVood-Carving

Set No. 4.—Lesson i.—Sen-Mo.—From Sen, to
turn round, and Mo, hair. Curved lines of varying
depth, turning both to right and to left.

Lesson 2.— Nami.—Waves. Curved strokes
to right and to left. The varied depth of the
cutting is to teach a free handling of the chisel.

Lesson 3.—Kiri-No-Ha.—Leaves of the Kiri.
One side of the leaf on the left hand is rounded on
the outer edge.

Lesson 4.—Chiri-Nuno.—Scarf forms or "scat-
tered fabrics." A lesson in both shallow and deep
cutting of free curved forms.

Lesson 5.—Kwayo.—Flower and leaf forms.
Based on the preceding lesson, with the addition
of a more elaborate modelling of the surface.

Lesson 6.—Nami Tomoye.—The cresting of
a wave arranged in the Tomoye forms. The cutting
and modelling are based on the preceding lessons.
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