Studio: international art — 12.1898

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Awards in " The Studio' Prize Competitions

We have received from Messrs. Roberson and
Co., of Long Acre, two sketch-books of novel
character, which will doubtless meet with general
approval among artists. One, called after this
magazine, "The Studio," is covered with an
appropriate "Studio-green" linen, and contains
leaves of a superior quality of paper, similar in
appearance to that used for bank-notes—a paper
affected at the present time by many artists for lead
pencil and other studies. The other book, known
as the "J. M. Swan," is made of drawing paper of
a pleasant texture, tinted a " grocer-blue," shade,
and is well adapted for sketches in black and white


The number of drawings, &c, re-
ceived each month in connection with

The Studio competitions being very large, the
Editor wishes it to be clearly understood that,
while every effort will be made to forward as
promptly as possible to their owners those designs
with which the requisite sum for postage has been
enclosed, he cannot, under any circumstances,
guarantee a definite date for their return.

Design for a Silver Cup.
(A VII.)

A great many designs were received for this
competition, and we regret that want of space
prevents us illustrating a larger number.

The First Prize {Three guineas) is awarded to
Lopez (C. C. Carter, 51 Aynhoe Road, Brook
(ireen, W.)

The Second Prize {Two guineas) to Elgitha
([Catherine M. Coggin, North View, Chadwick
Road, Peckham).

Honourable Mention is given to the following :—
Dorian (Oliver Senior, 172 Stockport Road,
Levenshulme, Manchester) : Drury (B. H. Smale,
33 Acacia Road, St. John's Wood, N.W.); Hillas
(II. 1). Simpson, Grange Place, Kilmarnock);
Hazeidene (Jacques Houry, " Hazeldene," Manor
Road, Bishopston, Bristol); H.C. {no coupon);
Phantasm (J. I. Birchall, 1 Clyde Street, Lower
Broughton, Manchester); Semper (H. M. Pem-
berton, 19 Pepys Road South, Brockley, S.E.);
The above arc illustrated; Argent (W. T.
Sadler); A.E.I. (Frank I vimey) ; Ambassador
(11. M. ffrench); Chef (A. Cooke); Elk (W. P.
Belk) ; Gala (A. II. Scott); Gladiator (W. J.
Galloway); Isa (Isabel McBean); Marine (G.

S. Ilrown): Poppy (Mary Wilcock); Seda (A.
de Sauty) ; Tramp (D. ('. Vea/.ey) ; Wearywarld
(Isabel McGregor); and Zaphphir (G. S.

Design for an Embroidered Book-cover.

(B VII.)

The First Prize {One guinea) is awarded to
Aberbrothock (II. T. Wyse, Viewfield Road, Ar
broath, N.B.).

This design will be illustrated in colours in a
future issue of The Studio.

The Second Prize {HalJ-a-guiuca) to Avon
(Sophie Pumphrey, Woodstock Road, Moseley,

This book-cover is for Enoch Arden. The
design is founded upon sea melons bound in blue
green linen ; the applique panel is of dark blue
silk with which also the webbing band, which is
carried round the book, is covered ; the band is let
into a broad groove across the back of the cover, and
the end of this band is strengthened on the under-
side by a pierced metal plate forming one side of
the clasp. The three holes are buttonholed round
and fasten into three studs on the front cover. The
sea-weed forms are worked in green filo-floss ; the
sea melons in shades of green ornamented by
Trench knots ; the bands, &c, are worked in white.

Honourable Mention is given to the following :—
Alpha (Marion E. Broadhead, 28 High Street,
Macclesfield); Hylas (Isabel Haddon, Odiham
Close, Winchfield); Jove (M. B. Dyne, Whaddon,
Royston, Herts); Me (Mary E. Eaton, 109 Beau-
fort Street, Chelsea, SAV.); Phrosette (Enid Jack-
son, 12 Forest Road, Birkenhead); Sea-Salt (Miss
Bartleet, 26 Hagley Road, Birmingham) ; Seda
(A. de Sauty, 63 Ramsden Road, Balham, SAV.) ;
The above are illustrated ; Buxton (Jemima R.
Prosser); Brougham (Ethel B. Austin) ; Ceylon
(Albina Collins) ; Fenella (Helen F. Lock); Jam
(E. Keith); Lofen (Winifred Hett) ; Petronella
(Louisa F. Pesch) ; Podley (Arabella L. Rankin) ;
Paint (Gwynedd Palin) ; Samuel (Ella L. Deakin) ;
SanctandroVs (Katherine M. Warren); Tweeze
(May Coultorst) ; The Bulger (Mary G. Simpson) ;
Tenterden (T. H. S. Shepherd); Viola (T. W.
Whipp); Walmgate (Jeanie Swanson); and Zaph-
phir (G. S. Lemasnie).

Study of Fungi in Pen-and-Ink.
(C VII.)

The First Prize {One guinea) is awarded to
Champetre (Geo. Collier, 89 Hassop Street, Bes
wick, Manchester).

The Second Prize {//alf-a-guiuea) to Birangere
(Victor Lhuer, 23 Quai de la Tournelle, Paris).
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