Studio: international art — 13.1898

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Charles Courier's Paintings on Silk

Yet the artist who could do them could at the unfettered we might, without losing his greatest
same time hold his own with the best of his con- paintings of the sea, have had to rejoice over many
temporaries in painting subjects on land and at other canvases, not less masterly, in those various
sea; and could turn from one to the other of the branches of art practice which he was so excep-
forms of expression that were within his reach tionally qualified to follow,
without showing by any lapse of skill that he was

attempting anything in the smallest degree beyond H£ PAINTINGS ON SILK OF

his powers. That such versatility should have I CHARLES CONDER.

been narrowed down into specialism is little to the

credit of the public ; and the result has certainly Imagine a landscape spacious and yet

been to diminish the artistic advantage which the A secret from loud winds like Avalon, like

British school gained from the career of Henry Avalon thick set with flowering and fruit-bearing
Moore. As a specialist he became a masterly trees. First picture its vault of sky barred by in-
illustrator of one motive; but had he been left numerable shining clouds upon a ground of April

blue, changing over into
vintage purple. The lower
wreaths of cloud are inter-
woven with festoons of
apple-blossom, and these
are crossed by dropping

jHMp^\g^., trails of great roses, and

■MmJwF^ starred by single petals of

*'3^1 %^ them blown about. This

garden is bounded north-
^b^ thr^

towers of poplar-trees : at
the lower a ruined castle
stands upon a rock : be
tween is embowered the
settlement, named from its
birds Chantemesle. Hard
by the Abbaye de Theleme
was re-founded, and for a
brief period flourished, and
under the willows and
among the islands the

charles conder from a photograph religious of that Order

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