Studio: international art — 16.1899

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Modern German Lithography

day; but it is none the less to be regretted that the ^ JT ODERN GERMAN LITHO-
principles Mr. Voysey and a few others have put l\ /I GRAPH Y—II. SOME


into such excellent practice as regards the moderate- I \ / I KARLSRUHE ARTISTS,
sized house should not yet, save in one or two J y | gy HANS W. SINGER,
instances, have been displayed in regard to build-
ings of a more monumental character. I do not The schism that occurred in the artist commu-
fail to recognise that in one or two instances nity of Paris about a decade ago was more or less
London street architecture has been enriched by echoed all over the Continent. Munich followed
works which speak directly to us in the nineteenth- in the wake with its " Secession." To-day even
century architectural language. But they are re- Berlin is becoming interested in the movement,
grettably exceptional. If one can compose, in the which proves that it must be pretty widespread,
architectural language of the nineteenth century, This revolt of the young artists of strong person-
the dainty lyric overflowing with domestic senti- ality against senile academic tradition broke out at
ment, why not the stately ode surcharged with Karlsruhe in 1896. The event had been prepared
nobility of thought and idea ? If, as these examples by Kallmorgen, who was in close contact with the
are, I hope, sufficient to demonstrate, there really men of the younger school. When Count Kalck-
is a nineteenth-century architectural style which reuth was appointed Professor at the Karlsruhe
is not a mere pastiche of bygone designers' details Academy in 1895 an aL^e leader was found, and
and fancies, is it not to be regretted that future thus the Karlsruher Kiinstlerbund was established
ages will have to search for it, not in our public in April of the following year. As in Dresden,
buildings, and in the principal streets of our cities, the members avoided the name "Secession," lest
but in the unassuming house or cottage in more it might excite prejudice among the public against
or less remote corners of the country-side ? the new club.

Horace Townsend. From the very first Kalckreuth laid stress upon



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