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Awards in " The Studio " Prize Competitions

WARDS IN "THE STUDIO" scapes, or are too anecdotal in character. Pleasant

PRIZE COMPETITIONS. or suggestive decoration is required rather than

illustration. This will serve as an explanation to

Design for some competitors why their very charming studies

r,,mTr„ b, lm, have not been selected for reproduction.

the Decoration of a Dinner Plate. r

{\ L.) The First Prize (One Guinea) is awarded to

Pan (Fred H. Ball, 8 King John's Chambers,

In view of the fact that it is extremely difficult Nottingham).

in these days to find a well-designed dinner plate, ^ c ^ , „ , „ . . ,

, . . , . it . 1 ' The Second Prize (Halj-a-Guined) to Malvoho

we think, on the whole, that our competitors may ln.v A1, rru ,T 1 „ „ T y .

, , , , j t, . , . , . r 7 (Olive Allen, The North Hall, Launceston).
be congratulated on their work in this competition.

The design by Blanche, to which the first prize Honourable mention is given to the following:—

has been awarded, is well adapted to the Black Spean (Marjory P. Rhodes, Whiston Grange,

ordinary-shaped dinner plate, and when carried Rotherham, Yorks), Artifex (H. P. Shapland,

out in the colours of the original drawing, would A%ns, Barnstaple), Crescent (Charles E. Wanless,

undoubtedly be successful. An octagonal plate 3* Westborough, Scarborough), Gus (Gertrude

would probably not commend itself to some Straker. " Glenburn," Worcester Road, Sutton,

households, but the design by Assiette, which Surrey), Horty (F. C. Davies), Gumbobble (R. P.

obtains the second prize, is carefully thought out, Gossop, 4 Garden Studios, Manresa Road, Chelsea,

and is both effective and suggestive of other com- S-w-)> Indie (R°y Gill> 16 Butt Road> Colchester),

binations on similar lines. Each of the other Isca (Ethel Larcombe, Wilton Place, St. James's,

designs illustrated has certain points of merit, Exeter), Ivy (Ivy Millicent James, Fortfield,

which should commend them to the attention of Weston-super-Mare), Hazel Nut (Ada Hazell,

manufacturers. Castle Street, Farnham), Jawkor (Janet Simpson),

Some other good designs have been received, :99 Camberwell Grove, Denmark Hill, S.E.), Lily,

but in several cases the shapes represented would <Mlss K Y' Tyler' SL Magloire, Bordeaux Harbour,

be ill adapted for use as dinner plates. This is a Guernsey, Channel Islands), Leeksey (Ernest

detail to which attention should be carefully given. A- T^}m' 9 Esplanade, Greenock, N.B.), Mtlia-

gaunce (Christine Angus, 81 Dale Street, Liverpool),

The First Prize (Two Guineas) is awarded to jYox (Tom Day, Compton Villa, Paragon Road,

Blanche (S. C. Kramers, Vieuwe Schoolstraat Western-super-Mare), Pentraith (M. E. Lloyd,

7, Den Haag, Holland. 48 Devonshire Road, Liverpool), Atcriel (C. G.

The Second Prize (One Guinea) to Assiette Glennie) Assiette (Edward H. Rouse), Brush

(Edward H. Rouse, 33 Chesholm Road, Stoke (Percy Lancaster), Comyn (Robert Hamilton),

Newington, N.). Dux ^ Q Duxbury)> Gamma (Marguerite

Mallet), Lino (Clifford J. Beese), Nancy (Hannah

Honourable mention is given to the following:— Sandeman), and Persian Pussy (Catherine

Catalonia (A. B. Waller), Dux (Nellie Harvey), YVard).
Erin (A. E. Lisle Swinny), Horty (Frederick C.

Davies), Iris (Lucy Dixon), Jumbo (Alice F. Beavis), Summer Landscape.

Mazeppa (Marguerite de Roussado), Owl (Maud ^ XXXjy \
C. Fisher), Prairie Flower (Rosalie F. Pennell),

Palissv (Wilfrid Wetherell), Pussy (Minnie F. The pIRST pRIZE (One Guinea) is awarded to

Bulgin), Tothet Guv'nor (Edward Pay), Tramp Sweet Pea (Miss Rochussen, Krenzmaad, Wilders-

(David Veazey), and Turtium (Emma L. Cowlman). wy]) Interlaken, Switzerland).

The Second Prize (Half-a- Guinea) to Barmaz

Design for a Vignette or Tailpiece. (Joseph C. Smith, Champery Valois, Switzerland).

(B L.)

Honourable mention is given to the following :_


Some good designs have been sent in for this Aquarius (Agnes B. Warburg), Icare (M. Le

competition which are more suitable as head-pieces Degoix), Laren (Margot van Maarseveen-Knips-

than tail-pieces. Book ornaments of this kind cheer, Amsterdam), Normandy (A. Charrel), Poppy

should not be overloaded with "subject." Some (T. K. Evans), Troutsdale (A. H. Robinson), and

of the designs sent in are quite important land- Yafti (Miss C. H. Gunner).
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