Studio: international art — 28.1903

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His varied compositions as a painter,

which are all too little known, form a

most interesting contribution to modern

Swiss art. Steadily true to a lofty

conception of the requirements of art,

he has done some strong, earnest work.

In studying his paintings we are at once

struck by the discernment with which

he chooses his motifs, and we cannot

help feeling what an enemy he must

be to certain well-known pettinesses.

He seeks, above all, the character, the

signification of a scene—in a word, its

synthesis—and systematically suppresses

everything which does not contribute to

its expression. It is owing to this that

each of his compositions acquires the

power which unity alone can give to

a work of art. Then too the value

of a study or studies specially consists,

for him, in being able to group

their elements of truth with a view

to a clearly denned purpose, unless

indeed they serve him as points

of departure for the execution of a
"in a birch forest by bela grunwald . x .

painting. This artist's work is thus

far removed from those fragmentary

GENEVA. — There are artists whose achievements which are the desolation of art ex-
talents are only equalled by their hibitions. Certainly the studies which M. Ravel
modesty, who,
e n a moure d
of their art, and aiming at
a patient, painstaking
realization of their ideal,
are content to work on
in silence. M. Edouard
Ravel is an example of
this type. His name is
not altogether unknown
to readers of The Studio.
An etching by him, which
was reproduced in the
special Summer Number
of last year, gave some
idea of his efficiency in
a branch of art for which
he has a special gift, but
to which he has not
been able to devote him-
self as he desired. In-
deed, the slight reference
to this artist in the "Special
Number" was but an in-
dication and introduction. << washing day " by bela grunwald
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