Studio: international art — 33.1905

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Recent Designs for Domestic Architecture

technical side of his craft
grows more assured he is
gaining steadily in the
power to put his nobler
conceptions into a credible
shape. His work has lost
none of its charm, none
of its ease and fluency,
but to these qualities has
been added something
which makes them more
persuasive and more
capable of creating the
right impression upon
people who are not con-
tent with simple prettiness
no matter how efficient it
■i may be in its technical



One of the notable results

'cupid and psyche" by f. derwent wood of what may be fairly styled

rounded off or its asperities smoothed away. And
in his charming Portrait Bust of a lady he has not,
by straining after excessive graces, missed those
small but appropriate peculiarities of feature and
facial expression which give to the work its value
as a likeness. In everything he does there is per-
ceptible just the right amount of discretion required
to guide his art into its proper direction, and to
prevent him from being led by his love of elegance
into characterless arrangements of line. Stylist
though he is, he is very far from being a slave to
tradition, and he has avoided hitherto all tempta-
tions to make an easy compromise with his artistic

In fact, there are many signs that he is just now
making a definite step in the direction of robuster
and more dramatic performance. His recent achieve-
ments deal with motives which require for effective
realisation a good deal more than a faculty for com-
bining harmoniously a variety of graceful details, and
which imply an understanding of great aesthetic
principles as well as of more or less exacting
intellectual problems. He is showing clearly that
his view of the mission of sculpture is becoming
more extended, and that as his command over the

plan of a house messrs. buckland & farmer

at edgbaston architects
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