Studio: international art — 34.1905

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" The Den" Cropthorne

best. He sees in the brawny figure of the labourer All these things he has done in a quiet, reserved

the finest possibilities for strong decorative arrange- manner, never for one moment forgetting that

ments. The group of workmen in cool shadow his mission was an entirely subordinate one, that

against the glow of a summer sun, pouring itself the first function of the room is to show to

down like gold upon the piles of excavated earth, the very best advantage the works of his fellow-

the rhythm of movement in the ever-changing poses artists. A S. Covey.
of the workers, a striking of strong notes of colour

here and there throughout the composition, have all F I "^HE DEN, CROPTHORNE, WOR-

produced a result as overwhelming, as enchanting, CESTERSHIRE.
as if one were listening to the clanging rhythmic

notes of the Anvil Chorus. The old country house, of which we

The group of the smiths is perhaps the finest herewith give illustrations, although not large, is

of the four panels. Here the scheme of lighting typical of a class of buildings which, perhaps by

is reversed, and the two foreground figures stand very reason of their humble origin, have come

out in the warm, golden light from the forge, while down to us from almost mediaeval times, not only

the two on the opposite side of the anvil sink into in considerable numbers, but in many cases with

a greyish-blue shadow. A strong note of blue is most of their original features and characteristics

seen in the glimpse of the afternoon summer sky intact.

which one gets through the opening beyond. But In the county of Worcester are many of these

these panels are but respondent notes to the room half-timbered houses, the one we illustrate being

itself. The pleasure he has given us is far greater, situated in the picturesque village of Cropthorne,

He has filled the room with a vibration of colour on an eminence above the River Avon, down to

harmonies, as the skilled musician at the organ the banks of which its garden slopes ; the stream

floods the room with harmonious volumes of sound. itself flowing, though scarcely seen in the picture,



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