Studio: international art — 37.1906

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Technical Hints

M iss Dorothy Morris^are of real decorative ^SS^^^^S^SM^^^jte,

delight to do, working out the compositions

of the subjects which he intended painting inkstand exhibited by the

or etching, first in line and then with bold guild of handicraft

is a typical example of the large collection of Rem-
brandt drawings preserved in the Print Room of the
British Museum. A study of these drawings fills
one with admiration at the sureness and economy
of line with which he was able to express his ideas.

printed cotton designed by joseph m. doran

executed by geo. p. and t. baker !

j I'"" ' |;\ (\\ Xy(

sweeps of diluted sepia developing their light and
shade. It is difficult to determine what tool he used
for the line-work: probably either a quill or reed pen;
whichever it was, in his hand it was extraordinarily

elastic. The suggestion has been made that he used ...... -A-—"

a quill pen for thedrawingand the feather end dipped
in the diluted ink for the broad washes ; such might

almost have been the method used in making the CL0CK m, designed by r. evans

b repousse brass executed by J. e. waltham

beautiful study of an old Rabbi here reproduced. It and r. hollow ay

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