Studio: international art — 50.1910

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Alexander Young Collection, The last of the. Seven Illustrations.4^

Alma-Tadema’s, Lady, Pictures. By Marion Hepworth Dixon. Five Illustrations

American Paintings in Germany. By C. Lewis Hind. len Illustrations . . • • • • *7

Architectural Gardening—X. With Illustrations after Designs by C. E. Mallows, F.R.I.B.A., and
F. L. Griggs. Eleven Illustrations

Art School Notes. Three Illustrations.. 164, 249, 332

Glasgow . . ......••••••••■ 25

London.8o> l64’ 249> 332

Baker, C. II. Collins. The Paintings of Walter W. Russell. Nine Illustrations * 1 ^

Barton, Mary. Painting in Mexico. Eight Illustrations.2I5

Brunius, August. A Swedish Sculptor : Carl Milles. Eight Illustrations

Brussels Exhibition, The I. Some Furnished Interiors. By Fernand Khnopff. Thirteen Illustrations . 3°»

Comments on a Series of Designs for an Entrance Lodge. Eighteen Illustrations.!3S

Coomaraswamy, Ananda K. Night Effects in Indian Pictures. Four Illustrations.3°S

Deutscher Kiinstlerbund’s Exhibition of Graphic Art at Hamburg, The. By Prof. W. Scholermann.

27 ^

Eleven Illustrations . . . • • • • • • *.

Dixon, Marion Hepworth. Lady Alma-Tadema’s Pictures. Five Illustrations.54

Domestic Architecture, Recent Designs in. Twelve Illustrations ...••••• 2 4

East, Alfred, A.R.A., P.R.B.A. Tintern and the Wye as a Sketching Ground. Six Illustrations . 141

Glasgow School of Embroidery, The. By J. Taylor. Twenty-one Illustrations . . • ■ • I24

IIarada, Prof. Jiro. Japanese Art and Artists of To-Day.-I. Painting. Forty-six Illustrations . 9^

Hind, C. Lewis. American Paintings in Germany. Ten Illustrations

Honore, Leopold. Alfred Philippe Roll, Painter and Sculptor. Thirteen Illustrations 255

International Society’s Tenth Exhibition, The. Seven Illustrations.22

Japanese Art and Artists of To-Day:—

1. Painting. By Prof. Jiro IIarada. Forty-six Illustrations ... • - ■ ■ • V

2. Ceramic Artists. By II. Shugio. Nineteen Illustrations

Khnopff, Fernand. The Brussels Exhibition.—I. Some Furnished Interiors. Thirteen Illustrations . 308

Kipling, J. Lockwood. Plant Drawings from an Indian Cotton-Printer’s Pattern Book. Twenty-two

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