Studio: international art — 69.1916

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Recent Designs in Domestic Architecture

RECENT DESIGNS IN DOMESTIC windows there are fine views to be obtained of
ARCHITECTURE ^ surround^ng undulating, pastoral country, the
heather-covered moors, and distant hills. In plan
With one or two exceptions, the exhibits the arrangement of the house is somewhat irregu-
in domestic architecture on view at this year's lar, as a result of the conditions governing the site.
Royal Scottish Academy, held at Edinburgh, were The external treatment is indicative of the somewhat
completed works, and few drawings were to be severe type of domestic architecture peculiar to
seen. On the left side of the room a large Scotland, wherein the effect is dependent as much
frame contained six photographs of " Stobieside," on the general balance and outline as on the
Drumclog, Lanarkshire, which was carried out from detail, of which latter there is comparatively little,
the designs and under the direction of Messrs. The walls have been finished with harl or rough-
Leadbetter, Fairley & Reid, of Edinburgh. The casted, the roofs being covered with thick, dark
design of the exterior is in keeping with the histori- blue slates. For the dressings to windows, doors,
cal associations of the district. Avondale, where dormers, crowsteps, gables, etc., a stone of a
"Stobieside" is situated, is familiar to all who are greyish-pink hue has been used. As regards the
acquainted with the doings of the Covenanters; internal treatment, it has generally been carried
and directly to the south of the site is the famous out in a plain though typical manner; but a more
old battlefield of Drumclog. The foundations of elaborate scheme has been executed in the hall,
the structure have been laid on high ground, at smoking-room and drawing-room. In the two first-
least 800 feet above sea level; and from the upper named rooms, the walls have been finished with

stobieside, drumclog: smoking-room leadbetter, fairley and reid, architects

(Photo: T. Lewis Ltd., Birmingham)

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