Studio: international art — 81.1921

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MR. JAMES McBEY'S NEW PALES- gestion that in the fierce flash of the

TINE ETCHINGS. BY MALCOLM great gun's discharge against the dark of

C. SALAMAN. 0000 niSht' one can almost hear the deafening

report. The silhouette is masterly in its

MR. McBEY'S plates, recently sufficiency to tell all the artist wanted to

issued by Messrs. P. & D. Colnaghi say. No less is No. 4, The Advance on

and Co., carry us up to the taking of Jerusalem : Wadi Alt Eighteen miles up

Jerusalem, and they are all distinguished the Gorge of the Wadi Ali is Jerusalem,

by the originality of vision and magic of The infantry had consolidated their posi-

expression which this master of the etching- tions near Enab, about ten miles up, and

needle has taught us to expect. In No. 1, artillery and supplies were being hurried to

Palestine : "Blue Bonnets over the Border" their assistance. Over the maritime plain

we see the 52nd Division march into the long lines converged near Latron (about

Holy Land after harassing the Turk in where the drawing was made), and for days

retreat for two years across the Desert of a dense continuous column poured into the

Sinai. No. 2, Dust : Beersheba, shows cleft in the Judean plateau. No. 5, The First

the Camel Corps advancing in a cloud Sight of Jerusalem : Nebi Samwil: I find

of sandy dust stirred up by the camels' it impossible to look at this etching

tread, and the way in which this has been without experiencing something of the

suggested by the aid of " foul-biting " is thrill those troops in the foreground

an etcher's triumph. In No. 3, Zero : trench (the 1-123 Outram's Rifles, by

(60 pr. opening fire), Mr. McBey has used the way) must have felt when day dawned

his dry-point with such wizardry of sug- on the 22nd November, 1917, and on the


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