Studio: international art — 81.1921

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DOMESTIC ARCHITECTURE AND drawing room, sitting room and bedrooms

DECORATION. 0 0 0 0 are finished in Duresco, mostly of a white

tone ; and the hall is treated a grey brown.

WEST HOUSE, St. Andrews, illus- A feature of the design for the latter apart-

trated below, was designed by ment is that it has been carried right up from

Messrs. Mills & Shepherd, of Dundee, ground floor through to the ceiling of the

In regard to the external treatment, the bedroom floor, in order to give as much wall

walls are of local sandstone, with windows space as possible for the wall ornaments,

having wood casements, and roofs set with in the form of heads of stags, as well as

hand-made tiles, giving to the structure a other tropical animals ; the late owner

pleasing appearance, which is a charac- Colonel Barry, having been resident in India

teristic of much of this firm's domestic for many years, where he was a big game

architecture. Internally, the floors of the hunter, and a great sportsman in general,

hall and dining room are laid in oak, with The two doorways, of which we give illus-

stairs and doors leading off the entrance trations on the opposite page, were designed

hall done in pitch pine, fumed. For the by a young Danish architect, Mr. Helweg

dining-room a panelling scheme has been Moller, who has been very successful in

carried out in pitch pine wood up to height dealing with this important feature in the

of door architrave. The walls of the external aspect of the dwelling house. 0


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