Studio: international art — 84.1922

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STUDIO-TALK of the building, Mr. Ralph Knott. Our

/T? ^ j . \ illustration at the top of this page shows

(From our own Correspondents) , ^ , £ F, . K 5

v r ' a sketch tor one of these decorations

LONDON.—One of the objects of the executed by Mr. H. J. Lee, a student of

forthcoming exhibition of Mural the Royal Academy Schcols. The themes

Decorative Art at the Royal Academy which he and his fellow students are

is to suggest to younger artists and students working out are the London parks con-

the great possibilities of the decorative trolled by the County Council—themes

arts of painting and sculpture for the admirably adapted for the purpose in view

expression of the thoughts and feelings and giving plenty of opportunity for

of the community at each turning-point colour display, either in fresco or in

in its history. The Royal Academy Schools tempera, whichever may be decided upon

have recently started the study of decora- when the various schemes come up for

tive painting on a large scale, and Mr. F. E. consideration. 0 a a a

Jackson, who was until lately instructor in Mr. William Shackleton's oil painting

Lithography at the Central School of Arts The Polar Star, of which a reproduction

and Crafts, has relinquished that appoint- in colours was given in our issue of

ment and gone to the Royal Academy January last, has been purchased by the

Schools to assist the keeper, Mr. Charles Corporation of Bradford, Yorkshire, on the

Sims, R.A., in developing this branch of unanimous recommendation of the Art

the curriculum. A further incentive in Gallery Committee of the City Council,

the same direction has been provided by This is the second painting by Mr. Shackle-

the London County Council, which has ton to be added to the permanent collection

agreed to place certain wall spaces in the of this Yorkshire city, the other, a smaller

new County Hall at the disposal of certain work called The Love Lyric, having been

of the principal Art schools in London acquired nine years ago. Mr. Shackleton

for schemes of decoration to be carried out is a native of Bradford, where he was

by the students of these schools under the born in the same year as Professor William

supervision of the responsible masters Rothenstein, also a native of the city and

and subject to the approval of the architect represented at the Cartwright Memorial

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