Hagenbusch, Antonius; Philipp Theodor <Waldeck, Graf> [Honoree]

Placida sanctorum requies, der Glaubigen sanffte Ruh vnd Schlaff in Göttlicher Gnadt vnd kühlem Grab ...: Bey der ... Leichbegängnuß deß Weyland Hochgebornen Graffen vnd Herrn Philippi Theodori, Graffen zu Waldeck / Pyrmont und Cülenburg ... Welcher am 7. Tag Decemb. An. 1645 ... seeliglich entschlaffen ...

Marburg, 1646

The digitalization of selected funeral sermons of the Princely Court Library Waldeck is conducted as part of the project "The Library of the Prince of Arolsen as a space of culture and knowledge from the sixteenth to the early nineteenth centuries and its influence on the genesis, formation, and identity of the principality" at the University of Kassel which is funded by the DFG (German Research Foundation).

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