Böttiger, Carl August   [Hrsg.]
Amalthea oder Museum der Kunstmythologie und bildlichen Alterthumskunde — 2.1822

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bewundert worden, aber das Verdienst, die Aufmerksamkeit
darauf zu einem solchen Grade zu erwecken, daß man es
zuletzt unternahm, diesen köstlichen Ucberrcst des Alters
thumes nach England zu schaffen, gehört unstreitig dem
edlen Burckhardt zu. Er war davon wie begeistert,
und theilte seine Gefühle andern mit. *) Den Brittir
scheu Consul zu Alexandria, Herrn Salt, besonders hatte
er dafür gewonnen; **) und mit diesem verbunden, bc-

5mich with its extraordinary delicacy; the very uncommon ex-
pression visible in its features: and with a rharked cliaraster
tkat well entitled it to the admiration of Damis. It is of gra-
nite, the stone the ancients very commonly denojninated as the
fliXaiva Xföos. Its propprtions are not so colossal as those of
the two wliich are together in the plain; and the place in
which it is to bo found exactly ansivers to the tijievo? tov
JWipvovos, as described by the sanie biographer (Philostratus) —
a space within a ruined temple, such as often occurs in abando-
ned citios, strewed with fragments of columns, traccs of walls.
pedestals, doorways, and statues of Hermes, or the Egyptian
Mercury, partim manu, partim tempore consumpta.

*) Belzoni, p. 2i, Mr. Burckhardt had for a long time, pre-
meditated the removal of the colossal liead, or rather bust,
known by the name of the Young Memnon; and had often en-
deavoured to perauade the bashaw to send it as a present to
the I’rince Regent; but as it must liavc appeared to a Turk too
trifüng an article to send to so great a personage, no Steps were
taken for the purpose. Mr. Burckhardt then proposed it to Mr.
Banker; but the reason, why this gentleman did not take it
away, I am not acquainted with. In einem Briefe, der in dem
Memoir oit the Life and Travels of Burckhardt gedruckt ist, sagt
Bnrckhardt p. LXIX, should the head reach its destination,
and become, as it deserves, an object of general admiration, it
will afford me infinite satisfaction, to have been a promoter of
this enterprize.

**) Belzoni, p. 22. At this period, Mr. Salt, tha Consul
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