Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1894-1895

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Pkogeess of Egyptology.

Palaaographical Society's publications, suggests a reference to the papyri
of which texts and facsimiles have been issued in the course of the series
now completed.19 These include, of literary papyri, specimens of the
Petrie Plato (third century b.c.), a diaLeciicaL.treatise at Paris (second
century b.c.), and the British Museum Odyssey (circ. a.d. 1) and_Aristotle
(circ. A.d. 100); of non-literary papyri, the Imprecation of Artemisia (at
Vienna, third or fourth century b.c.), the British Museum Demotic Pap.
10463 (Greek docket), and Greek Papp. XXII., XXIV., the Paris Pap.
15, and Brit, Mus. Papp. CCLXXVI b, CLXXVII, CXXXIX, CXL,
CCXXXIV, CCXXXVI, CXIII (4) a b, OXIII (5) c, CXIII (6) a, a
papyrus in private hands, and Brit. Mus. CXIII (6) b. The dates of
these documents are, respectively, b.c. 211-210, 163, 161, 120-119; a.d.
15, 40-41, 48, 69-79, 78-79, 88, 93, 95, 97, 102-117, 142, 145, 166, 201,
221, 228, 270-275, circ. 350 (Nos. COXXXII, CCXXXIV, and
CCXXXVI), 498, 542, 595, 600, circ. 600, 608, and 633. From this
list it will be seen that the Paleeographical Society's series of precisely
dated documents covers the whole range of papyrus-palasography from
the earliest to the latest times, with the exception of the inevitable gaps
in the first century b.c. and the fifth century after Christ, for which there
are practically no extant examples.

So much for publications. A few other items of news may be of
interest. Prof. Wilcken's Corpus of Ostraka, Prof. Mahaffy's history
of Ptolemaic Egypt, and Mr. Greufell's edition of the great Ptolemaic
Bevenue Papyrus are all promised for the present autumn. Mr.
Grenfell acquired last winter in Egypt a considerable number of
documents of the Ptolemaic period, many of them fragmentary, which
he will also publish shortly. The British Museum has acquired
during the past year about 160 papyri, the greater number of them
being due to the distribution of the Petrie papyri which has just taken

This distribution relates to the famous papyri discovered by Prof. JEetrie
in the mummy-cartonnages of Gurob, and edited by Prof. Mahaffy. Their
owners were Mr. Martyn Kennard and Mr. Jesse Haworth ; and by the
great generosity of these gentlemen they have now been divided between
the British Museum, the Bodleian Library at Oxford, and the Library of
Trinity College, Dublin. Since a knowledge of the permanent home
of these valuable documents is a matter of interest to the students of the
papyrus-literature, I here give the results of the apportionment
loading ...