Egypt Exploration Fund   [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1899-1900

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Von Bissing gives a new reading of tlie inscription on a vase from the
E. E. F. Memoir Tell el Yahudiyeh, PI. viii., A. Z. xxxvii. 86.

Mr. Newberry has published an excellent Catalogue of the Amherst
Papyri. The important and varied collection of hieratic documents at
Didlington Hall was formed by the present owner for the most part many
years back, but only a few pieces have already been more or less discussed.
The thanks of all Egyptologists are due to Lord Amherst, who has spared
no expense in making the publication worthy of the collection. The
plates include fragments from the Berlin stories of Sanehat, the Sekhti,
&c. Among them are also facsimiles of the Lee Papyrus of the conspiracy
against Eameses III., of the Amherst Papyrus of a robbery from the
royal tombs, also of the tracings made by Miss Harris from a perfect
papyrus relating to tomb robberies. The last is a fine example of the cursive
hieratic of the XXth Dynasty, and the extent of the now shattered original
in the British Museum is here shown in colour. A curious hieroglyphic
papyrus, very finely written and illustrated, contains geographical material
and belongs to a group of which Lanzone has lately collected other members
in the plates of his Papyrus du Lac Moeris; one of these, it may be
observed, is now in the Eainer collection at Vienna. Of Books of the
Dead there are four attributed by Mr. Newberry to the early part of the
New Kingdom, but not collated in M. Naville's great edition, and there is
at least one exceptionally fine specimen of the later period. The Coptic
will edited by Mr. Crum is mentioned elsewhere. The Greek and demotic
papyri are here only summarily catalogued.


Pleyte and Boeser, in the 34th Livraison of the Monuments
Pgyptiens a Leide, publish thirty-four plates of a papyrus of proverbs
recently acquired by the Leyden Museum. The publication is by
lithography only, but seems to have been very carefully effected.

Griffith, in the Atlas to the Stories of the High Priests of Memphis,
publishes photographic facsimiles with hand copies of the new demotic
story in the British Museum.


The third and last volume of Professor Maspero's great work on the
Ancient History of the Oriental Nations, with sub-title " Les Empires," is
completed. The author must be congratulated on the completion of an
loading ...