Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1899-1900

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Progress of Egyptology.

published, especially by Mr. Newberry, who often adds bibliographical
notes, viz. :—a new King of the XHIth Dynasty, Amenemhat Senbef, titles
on cylinder from Gebelen: Newberry, P. 8. B. A. xxi. 282. Sennefer,
mayor of Thebes under Amenhetep II.; Sennefer, treasurer of Hatshepsut
and Thothmes III.; Vezir Khay; Vezir Paser; Senmut, architect of
Hatshepsut; cylinder of the Vezir Ankhu in Hay's MSS., id. ib. xxii. 59-
64. Hapu-senb, for a very short time Vezir of Thothmes II., id. ib. xxii.
31. Statue of User, Vezir under Thothmes III., id. ib. xxi. 306. Stone
vase of Ptahmes, high priest of Memphis, id. ib. xxi. 305. Statues of
Hapu, father of a Vezir of Thothmes II., and of Min-nekht, superintendent
of granaries of the same king, id. ib. xxii. 148.

Stela of Paser, at Antwerp : Capart, Rec. de Trav. xxii. 110. Bead of
Vezir Teta-nefer; bead of Paser, id. ib. xxii. 112. Pine statue of Setau,
Prince of Kush, at Mulhausen (with photograph) : Jacoby, Bee. de Trav.
xxii. 113.


In PI. i. of Aus den Papyrus der Koniglichen Museen, Berlin, a
small sample is given of Old Kingdom hieratic on a papyrus from

0. Moller publishes as his doctorial thesis pyramid texts contained in
a late hieratic papyrus at Berlin. These, though full of scribal blunders
of all kinds, contain some valuable variants of text or spelling, and help
to complete texts that are incomplete in the pyramids themselves.

Dr. Budge has published in colour for the British Museum two re-
markable copies of the Book of the Dead (Hunefer and Anhai), a copy of the
Book of Breathings in facsimile and photograph (Kerasher), and a copy of
the Book of the Dead in photograph (Queen Nezemt); also the text in
type of the early papyrus of Nu with one photographic plate : Book of
the Dead, Papyri of Hunefer, etc. Reviewed by Wiedemann Or. Litt.
Zeit. ii. 412.

Turaeff publishes a highly cursive text of the XXth Dynasty (the
Papyrus Prachoff) in photograph and autograph ; the description is in

Max Muller publishes an ostracon in the Museum of New York, Rec.
de Trav. xxii. 103; and a hieratic text in the British Museum Mitt. d.
Vorderas. Ges. 1900, 1. He also reviews Spiegelberg's publication of
hieratic ostraca from The Ramesseum, Or. Litt. Zeit. ii. 377.

Golenischeff prints errata to the text of his papyrus of the Voyage to
Syria: Rec. de Trav. xxi.- 227.
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