Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1899-1900

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


complete in itself, the volume is really intended to be the first of a long
series to include the whole of this great tomb, and either the whole or the
most interesting portions of many other tombs of the XVIIIth Dynasty of
which Mr. Newberry has made tracings and copies.

Stela of Tehuti found in the Marquis of Northampton's excavations,
very important for the description of monuments erected by Tehuti for
Hatshepsut: Spiegelberg, Ihc. de Trav. xxii. 115.

Dendereh. Inscriptions found in the course of Petrie's excavations
(1898): Petrie, Dendereh, memoir of Egypt Exploration Fund.

Meir. Inscriptions from tombs: Chassinat, Bee. de Trav. xxii. 73 ;
with notes on the necropolis—Legrain, Ann. du Service des Antiquites,
i. 65.

Sakkareh. First part of the memoir on the tombs of Ptahhetep and
Akhethetep; contains the hieroglyphs and scenes from the chapel of Ptah-
hetep: Davies (Archaeological Survey of Egypt Exploration Fund).

A long series of texts from the pyramid of Pepy I. are re-published by
Bissing and Borchardt, A.Z. xxxvii. 103. They find them to have been
twice altered; first the writing was in the first person, then in the third,
then specifically in the name of the deceased king. In the original the
position of the alterations is very clear, but the first and second texts are
of course seldom visible.

The second livraison of the supplementary plates to Lepsius' Derikmaler
continues the Old Kingdom tombs of Gizeh and Sakkareh.

Gizeh Museum. Historical stela of third year of Amasis : Daressy,
Rec. de Trav. xxii. 1.

Naucratis. A stela from this site has been presented by Hussein Pasha
to the Cairo Museum. It is dated in the first year of Nekhtnebef, and
grants to Neith the tithes of the Mediterranean import tolls (?) on the
Canopic branch, and on property " in Per-meryt (harbour city) which is
called Kart," or "Nu-Kart" (i.e. Naucratis). Maspero, Comptes rendus,
1899, 793.

Florence. Text of the Middle Kingdom : Piehl, Sphinx, iv. 15.
On Shabtis: Pellegrini, Bessarione 43-4, i.; cf. Wiedemann, Or. Litt.
Zeit. iii. 251, for the persons to whom they belonged.

Paris. Stelae from the Serapeum, in the Louvre : Chassinat, Bee. de
Trav. xxii. 9.

Brussels. Statuette of a priest of Athribis : Capart, Bee. de Trav.
xxii. 112. Group of the XVIIIth Dynasty, id. ib. 105.

A number of monuments relating to historical personages have been
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