Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1899-1900

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Progress op Egyptology.

6ase itself was hardly touched. Some specimens of the fragments of
sculpture are published, portraying a Sed-festival under Eaenuser of the
Vth Dynasty, who was the builder of the temple.

Desliasheh is reviewed by Mo ret, Sphinx, iii. 170 ; Quibell's El Kab
by Maspero, Rev. Critique, September, 1899; The Ramesseum and
P/ahhetep by Maspero, I.e. In the last review Maspero notes that Marietta
had a description of the Memphite mastabas nearly complete for publication,
and some of the plates ready, but the MS. being damaged by the great in-
undation of 1878, it was destroyed by the author in a fit of discouragement
(alas !). The existing publication, Les Mastabas, is from the beginnings
of a second redaction. The Temple of Mut in Asher is reviewed by
Gr. Foucart, Revue des fitudes Anciennes, ii. 150, as is also Quibell's
Ramesseum and the Tomb of Ptahhetep in Rev. Arch, xxxvii. 171.

Publication of Texts.

Thebes. A thick volume of text (vol. iii.) to Lspsius' Denhmider has
just been issued ; it is devoted entirely to Thebes, both E. and W. banks.
Vol. ii. is not yet issued.

Karnak. Fragments of annals of the priests of Amen—XXI-XXIII
Dynasties—engraved on quadrangular pillars now almost destroyed;
restorations under Tiberius of sculpture and inscriptions of Usertesen I.;
votive statue of Antefaa, dedicated by Usertesen I.; Greek graffito on a
ram : all published by Legrain, Rec. de Trav. xxii. 51.

Description of the sculptures of a temple of Osiris, with the inscriptions,
—the original chamber built and decorated by Osorkon II., its facade after-
wards forming the back wall of the second chamber, added and decorated
by Shabataka and Ameneritis of the Ethiopian Dynasty— ; list of objects
found in the excavation: Legrain, Rec. de Trav. xxii. 125.

A stela of Thothmes III. found in Legrain's excavation of the temple of
Ptah, is published by Maspero, Comptes rendns, 1900, 113. Partly de-
faced by Akhenaten, the stela was re-engraved by Sety I. It recorded the
rebuilding in stone of the little brick temple, and its endowments.

Drah abu'l Negga. Completion of memoir on the tomb of Sennefer
("Tomb of the Vines") : Virey, Rec. de Trav. xxi. 137; xxii. 83.

Under the title, Life of Relchmara, Mr. Newberry has published the
first instalment of the finest and most interesting private tomb belonging
to the New Kingdom in the Theban necropolis. Whether one looks to the
accuracy and completeness of the copying, the handiness of the plates, or
the utility of the concise text, one perceives that the book marks the
beginning of a new era in the publication of the Theban tombs. Though
loading ...