Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1906-1907

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Archaeology, Hieroglyphic Studies, Etc.


Origin of late Egyptian negatives nn and bn. Von Calice, A.Z. xliii. 149.

Late Egyptian instances of future na-. Gardiner, A.Z. xliii. 97, the
particle nhm-n, ib. 159, ky-bw = ' foreigners,' ib. 160.

Beview of Eeisner's Hearst Medical Papyrus, by W. Max Muller,
O.L.Z. x. 137.

J. Baillet concludes a long article in which he discusses 21 Egyptian
words meaning slave, serf, servant or the like, with abundant references.
Rec. cle Trav. xxix. 6.

The sign tivn, mtwn, hitherto supposed to represent a lassoed ox, figures
the animal infuriated and pawing up the dust, as is shown by a scene
(reproduced) of the Old Kingdom. Sciiafer, A.Z. xliii. 74.

The name of the fire-stick l zat. Ungnad, A.Z. xliii. 161.

Designation of a function discharged by Una, Jequier, Rec. de Trav.
xxix. 2; supplement to his note on a group of symbols attached to certain
temple scenes, ib. 5.

Ealse transcription of demotic sign for / as the fraction \ at Dendera.
Junker, A.Z. xliii. 160.

Suffix of 1st pers. sing, in the great Harris Papyrus of Harnesses III.,

written with a hieratic sign that may represent a mummy J, referring
to the deceased king. Eeich, W.Z.K.M. xx. 381.

The epithet te ankh 'to whom life is given,' Bissing, Rec. de Trav.
xxix. 184; name of the three uraei on the head of the king; names
beginning with n 'of,' passage in inscription of Ameni-Amenemhat at
Beni Hasan, id. ib. 184-5.


Prof. Petrie has written a little book of one hundred pages on The
Religion of Ancient Egypt, calculated to interest many readers in the
subject and to spread some useful general ideas among them.

Under the title La Religion dcs anciens Egyptiens, M. Naville has
published some interesting lectures delivered at the College de France in
1905. They deal with the origin of the Egyptians as well as their
eschatology, religious ideas, and ritual: reviewed by Andersson, Spihinx
xi. 120.

Erman's useful and interesting Handbook of Egypitian Religion has been
translated into English by A. S. Griffith. The author has contributed a
brief sketch of the same subject to the section Die Oricntalischen Religion
for the series Die Kultur der Geyenwart.
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