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Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1906-1907

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Gkaeco-Boman Egypt.


goes without saying that all these notices, short or long, are full of
instruction to all who are concerned with the subject. Viereck contributes
to Bursian's JahresbericM a review39 of the literature of papyrus documents
(i.e., non-literary texts) for the years 1899-1905. The reports in the
JahresbericM (on this as on other subjects) can never be fully up to date
owing to their scale; but they are often extremely valuable for purposes
of reference. In the sphere of papyrology, it must be admitted, they have
more rivals than in most other subjects. Ariereck has also, as on previous
occasions, contributed a short bibliography to the Byzantinische Zeitschrift.i0
No survey of the year would be complete without a reference to the loss
which philology (in the widest sense of the term) has suffered through the
death of Friedrich Blass. He did not particularly concern himself with
the documentary papyri, but it may safely be said that no important
literary text has been brought to light from the sands of Egypt which has
not, sooner or later, been indebted to his ingenuity and scholarship for
improvements in its text or criticism. His enthusiasm brought him
promptly into the field when there was work to be done, and he would
cheerfully travel half across Europe to examine a new papyrus. His
ingenuity and industry made him wonderfully successful in piecing
together fragmentary papyri, in restoring mutilated texts, and in providing
them when necessary with conjectural authors. His most remarkable
achievements of this kind are perhaps to be seen in his successive editions
of Hyperides ; but over the whole domain of papyrus literature his name
is writ large, and his memory will long be cherished by scholars in all
lands who had the privilege of his help and his friendship.

F. G. Kenyon.


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