Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1906-1907

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Progress of Egyptology.

The same scholar also points out20 that a Coptic homily bearing the
name of Eusebius (Brit. Mus. no. 171) is nothing but a version of one
otherwise ascribed to Chrysostom (P.G. 52, 449).

And he demonstrates21 the spuriousness of the supposed Athanasian
tract Be Azymis {P.G. 26, 1338).

In view of the forthcoming publication in the Patrologia Orientcdis of
the Coptic remains of the works of Severus of Antioch, Poechee, who has
undertaken that task, gives a preliminary notice to those of Paris.22
It may be observed that, among his MSS., the 1st is to be joined to the
leaves Cairo 8010, the 5th to Brit. Mus. no. 185, the 7th to Brit. Mus.
no. 190.

A Greek text of the Apophthegmata has long been desired and Nau's
contribution towards it will be welcomed. He gives, merely as a pre-
liminary, the text of one MS., forming a sequel to Cotelier's edition; but
he also describes several others.23

Some of the pieces in Horner's Statutes were claimed as Hippolytan by
von der Goltz (v. last Report, 68). Such high antiquity Funk disputes.2*
He regards them as not older than the rest.

Neither can Drews accept them as Hippolytan25—that they were so
would indeed be a notable proof of early Eonian influence on Alexandria.
The value of the Ethiopic baptismal office lies in the fresh material
contributed towards the evolution of the Egyptian rite.

E. C. Butler analyses Funk's final edition of the Didascalia and Con-
stitutions (1906), accepting his proposed genealogy of the documents.26

The already published ' Befutation' of Sa'id b. Batrik (Eutychius) by
Severus of Ashmunain (v. last Report, 69) is analysed by Leroy,27 who is
about to edit the same author's ' History of the Councils,' which he likewise

It is announced28 that the Berlin Museum has acquired (from the same
place as the above Epistle of Clement), a 7 metre long papyrus, with the
Festal Letter of an 8th century patriarch, in Greek.

5. History, Legends, &c.—Wessely has republished29 in one volume a
number of the oldest papyrus texts relating specifically to Christian affairs.
The 1st section consists of documents of the Decian persecution, the 2nd
of letters (including that of Psenosiris, which W. regards from Deissmann's
standpoint), the 3rd of fragments of the canonical scriptures, the 4th of
the Logia, the 5th of extracts from the chief magical papyri (one hitherto
unpublished), the 6th of miscellaneous literary fragments.

As a preliminary to his edition of Shenoute's writings, Leipoldt has
republished30 the Bohairic Life, after a collation of Amelineau's print with
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