Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1907-1908

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Peogeess of Egyptology.

Heracleopolis. On this follow the outrage by Tehutinekht and the appeals
to the Governor. Hieratische Papyrus IVte Band, Die Klagen des Bauern.
Text from Hatnub quarry, see above, p. 24.

A fine papyrus of the Book of the Dead from the tomb of the father-in-
law of Amenhotp III, giving one entirely new chapter. Photographs
edited by Prof. Naville, The Funeral Papyrus of Iouiya in the series of
Theod. M. Davis' excavations.

Ostracon in the Louvre with text parallel to part of the first page of
Pap. Anast. I. Spiegelbekg, A.Z. xliv. 118. The editor adds some new
readings of the text of this papyrus, originally dealt with in the classic work
of Chabas, including a satirical passage.


Fragments forming portions of pages preceding the first hitherto known
of the Moral Papyrus of Leyden (Pap. Insinger), obtained by M. de Eicci
in Egypt. Edited with photograph and transcript by Noel G-iron, Comptes
Bendus, 1908, 29.

Thirteen business documents from Elephantine relating to property there
and at Edfu, one being of the reign of Augustus, the others of Euergetes I.
They afford many parallels with Greek documents, and one of them, unfor-
tunately in poor condition, is the translation of a Greek papyrus published
by Bubensohn. Spiegelbeeg, Demotisclie Papyrus von der Inset Elephantine,
I. {Demotisclie Studien, Heft 2).

An English version has been printed for private circulation of Spiegel-
bebg's edition of the Papyrus Libbey (last Arch. Bep., p. 36).

Mortgage with Greek tax receipt from Gebelen, and Greek sale of land,
with six lines of demotic appended. Kenyon, Catalogue of Greek Papyri,
III., pi. 2, 3 and 6.

Three short inscriptions from Gizeh, in Petrie, Gizeh and Bifeh, pi.
xxxvii. a, translated by Sir H. Thompson, who also contributes a chapter
on demotic papyri from Bifeh, ib. p. 31.

Inscriptions in Lord Northampton's Excavations in the Theban Necro-
polis, published and translated by Spiegelbeeg.

Nineteen demotic and twenty-four Greek mummy tickets, including
several bilingual, from the Eainer collection at A^ienna, with facsimiles
drawn by Wessely. The commentary is specially concerned with palaeo-
graphy. Demotisclie und Griechische Texte auf Mumientdfelchen, forming
vol. vii. of Wessely's Studien.

Bilingual stela equating a doubtful group with Horus. Boeser, A.Z.
xliv. 130.
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