Egypt Exploration Fund [Hrsg.]
Archaeological report: comprising the work of the Egypt Exploration Fund and the progress of egyptology during the year ... — 1910-1911

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Progress of Egyptology.

the Dodecarchy built the Labyrinth, was misled by the fact that the Xllth
Dynasty built it. A.Z. xlvii. 162.

A new statuette of Queen Amenartais, naming her mother Pabethem
as well as her spiritual mother Shepenuopi, very interesting for the
genealogy of the XXVth Dynasty, and as an illustration of the adoption
of princesses by the "wives of Amnion." id. ib. 110.

Scarab with blundered cartouches, Kashta and Amenartais. Palanque,
Bulletin, vii. 153, with note by-Chassinat.

Wiedemann suggests that the much-discussed stela of Naples, set up
in gratitude for deliverance in a battle, refers to the battle of Ipsus.
P.S.B.A. xxxiii. 168.

W. Otto in Pauly's Beal-Bncyclopddie writes an article of some length
on the Theban king Harmachis who reigned during the troubled rule of

Attia Wahby Bey writes on Political Economy in Ancient Egypt.
Bulletin cle I'Inst. Egyptien, Ve ser. vol. IV., p. 1.


Petrie tabulates nome lists, together with local ceremonies, etc., and
points out interesting facts connected with the nomes, indicating the
probable growth and changes in the series in an ingenious manner.
Historical Studies, 22.

Daressy comments on the Ptolemaic list of place-names in the Delta
published by Spiegelberg from a Cairo papyrus, and makes suggestions
for identification. The names given are the contemporary vulgar names
of localities, whereas their sacred names are shown in most known lists.
They appear to belong to the borders of the Delta, west, north, and east,
and include such names as Naucratis, (Piha)hiroth, and Daphnae. Sphinx,
xiv. 155. Max Muller discusses the place-names localised in Goshen
in the same papyrus. O.L.Z. xiv. 195.

Edgar places the site of Buto at El Farain, and identifies the Lake of
Khemmis with a fast-disappearing birlceh near a village Shaba, which
seems to preserve the ancient name. Ann. xi. 87.

Sethe identifies a place-name at Gebelen and discusses the reading of
the name of the Antaeopolite nome. A.Z. xlvii. 42.

Dr. C. Ktjthmann has published a pamphlet, die Ostgrenze Acgyptens,
discussing fully the Egyptological, classical, and other material con-
cerning the Eastern border of Egypt. He considers that Clysma was
on the site of the modern Suez, and that there was no northern
loading ...