Atkinson, Thomas [Mitarb.]
Excavations at Phylakopi in Melos — London, 1904

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rooms 12 and 13 is one of these four (Fig. 30). The wall in which it occurs

appears to be donble, or in other words two walls side by side witb a

longitudinal Joint between tbem. Only the western

wall now spans the opening; the eastern wall does

not now stand to a sufficient height. The doorway

is '65 metre wide ; the present height is l-40 metres,

but somc of the masonry above has probably fallen so

that it was originally not more than l'O metre.

The building just described has been spoken of

as one house. It is doubtful whether it is really one

house or two. As already stated the central wall

appears to be double, as though belonging to separate _

owners, and the large rooms have separate entrances

from the corridor. On the other band the existence 30--1)I UiKA^ 0F

Doorway betweeh Rooms

of the doorway / would point to the whole huilding 12 and 13 in Fig. -27.
fonning one establishment.

A building very similar in arrangement is seen in J 2 : 7, S, 10, 13 (see
Fig. 31 and Fig. 59, Section WX, 17). There is no corridor but there are


I 01 13 4 5
1 . 1 1 I I I I 1-1

10 5 o 10

hnmrtmd H


F10. 31.—Plan of House of Period II.

two outer doors to the large rooins witb. doors opposite leading into the
small back rooms and a doorway connccting the two large rooms.
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