Atkinson, Thomas [Mitarb.]
Excavations at Phylakopi in Melos — London, 1904

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[Plates XXXVIII.—XLI.]

.•/.—Tue Mixoü Äntiquities of Mktal, Boxe, Ivokv and Stoxe.

(Kote.—The finde <>f Obsidian are described separately in Chapter VIII. TJje Stone Lamps are
grouped with those of Earthenware on p, '2uf). Dimensions are givon in decimals of a metre.
SIT KTäöketizie's day-boöks bave beeil our.chief autbority for the steatification.)

Thhee chisels of the usual narrow tapering Mycenaean type, XXXVIII.
1—3, found in the Third City. Two lia\'e a straight cutting edge with
roiinded corners, the other a rounded edge with projecting sides. Lengths
•185, 134,104.

Parts of two knives or daggers. XXXVIII. 4, nearly complete, is very
bhiin and has a tapering outline; the butt end is notched at each side ;
there are remains of two rivets, and traces of the wooden haft are said to
have been visible when it was found. The. other, XXXVIII. 5, is a mere
fragment; it has three rivets.set in a triangle.

Of four arrowheads the largest, XXXVIII. 6, has a leaf-shaped head
and a slight central ridge which is produced to form the tang, Square in
section.; near the head the tang is thickened to prevent the head from
penetrating too far into the wooden shaft ; length '11. The second,
XXXVIII. 7, has so marked a midrib that a section of the arrowhead would
resemble a cross with equal arms: traces of wood on the tang; length '038.
The next, XXXVIII. 8, is a very small head with a barb on one side, the
other side forniing a straight line from tip to stem; length '032. The
fourth, XXXVIII. !), has a Square tang and only a slight midrib ; length '042.

A fish-hook, XXXVIII. 10, without barb, the shaft originally bent into
a loop; length -028. Cf. 'E<£. 'APX- 1«99, iriv. x. 38 (Syra).

§ l. Coppbr and Bronze.

§ 0. Marble,
§ 7. Steatite.


§ 2. Lead.

§ s. bonk.

§ 4. Ivokv.
§ 5.


§ !). 8hku.s.

4j 1.—Coppcr and Bronze.
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