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Lindsay, Wallace Martin [Hrsg.]
Palaeographia Latina (Band 3) — London [u.a.], 1924

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W. M. Lindsay

an 1 ex libris' entry) that a MS. in the English hand formerly
belonged to the library of e. g. Lorsch. But can we be sure
that it was written at Lorsch? The famous English Homilies
MS. of Vercelli (no- 117, of " saec. x ex."'; cf. M. Foerster
' Der Vercelli-Codex CXVII' in Studien engl. Philologie L
[1913], p. 20) was hardly written at Vercelli; it may have been
left there by a pilgrim on his wa)' to or from Rome. Even
a MS. whose provenance is certain may not exhibit the charac-
teristics of its place of origin. Bruun of Fulda wrote at
Wuerzburg the Rule of St Benedict MS. which is still there
(Wuerzburg Mp. th. O 22, saec. ix in.), a beautiful specimen
of Anglosaxon minuscule. But he was a visitor there, not a
resident; and his MS. shews the Fulda, not the Wuerzburg
type. The subscription (fob 57r, in red) is: Cognoscatis quod
ego bruun scripsi istam regulam sci benedicti abbatis; lege
felix feliciter et mementote mei in oratione vestra. (He cor-
rected memento to mementote, but left lege felix uncorrected).
English (and Irish) monks were often wanderers, with no
' abiding city '; it is hard to localize their handiwork. Still,
the more plates that can be published to exhibit Anglosaxon
script of the Continent, the nearer we shall get to that chapter
in the ' magnum opus '.

While nothing, practically nothing, has been done lor the
localisation of Anglosaxon script, Continental minuscule has
not been quite neglected. Thanks to Delisle's ' Memoire sur
l'ecole calligraphique de Tours au ix siecle ' (in Memoires de
l'Acaddmie des Inscriptions XXXII), Paris 1885, palaeographers
can say without hesitation: This ninth century MS. comes
trom the Tours scriptorium; but few can recognize a MS. o
Fleury, Rheims, etc, since of these scriptoriums it may be
said 1 carent vate sacro '• Delisle's work on Tours has been
continued by Rand and Howe • The Vatican Livy and the
Script of Tours' (with 14 plates; in Memoirs of the American
Academy in Rome I), Bergamo 1917, a monograph in which
I miss the mention of two MSS. which seem to me to be
mile-stones. One is the British Museum MS., Egerton 2831
Jerome on Isaiah. It is partly in Continental, partly in Anglo-
saxon minuscule; and this combination seems to have sug-
gested to the New Palaeographical Society editors (two plates,
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