L. N. Bhanja Deo ; transl. into English from Sanskrit by M. K. Sharma Biswas
Sri Subhadrāyāḥ netra-pratiṣṭhā vidhiḥ (Manuskript Nr. 900 des Orissa Research Projects, Bhubanesvara) — [s.l.], 1974

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a triangular oroo of brass) over the diagram deoicted
as follows on the gs ground.

K triangle (trisrara)
over it a circle (brttam)
over it a square (yugasram).

Over the aahara-sakti (triangular frame of metal)
place the aot (patra). Worshlo the not with the holder
(adhara i.e. adhara-sakti).

Worship with the mantra "nama iti " ......

(Salutation etc. Here only list of the formula
is given) and wash the not and keep water in it.
Then out perfume (gandha) and flower (ousoa) with
the mantra (formula) of "0m". Then invoke the tirtha
(sacred vater> from the Sun (Surya).

Then by exhibiting the ten mudras (finger
and hand formations1* and reciting Tara '"0m") the
Samanya arghya" is comoleted. Saman.va-arghva ''minor offer1*

On the left side (of the worshiooer)

over the ground ourified by smearing, ^eoict a
triangle - Circle-square one over the other in or-'er.
Then with the utterance of the words "0m \dhara-
Saktaye namah" (Om, Salutation to the energy of the
holder or nroo) and worshlooing the holder (adhara)
with oerfume and flowers (gandha-ausoa) fill the not
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