Algarotti, Francesco
Opere Del Conte Algarotti (Band 8) — Venezia, 1792 [Cicognara, 3-8]

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brother; on the other side is the Lcidy witk
ker two Daughters Kneeling, and saying
their beads; the little naked boy could har-
dly have been outdone (If I dare say such
a word) by Raphael himsetf. The ornaments
of the young Ladies heads and other parts
of their dress are ftnished as. neatly as tho-
se in his smallest pieces, 'l'he size of this
is what (/ think) they call haìf ìife, or ra-
ther iess. (anzi un po’più che ia raetà del
naturale) It is painted upon board. The
owner 'values it at 3ooo. sequins or i5oo.
Guineas. / hanc seen a fme Drawing of
it imported lateiy into England performed
in soot FDater, wherein the likeness of the
countenances as well as the jastness of the
attitudes is very well preserv d »

Some Observations made in travelling
through France, Italy etc. in the years 1720.
1721. 1722. by Edward Wright in 2. voL
in 4* London 1750.

Chiunque ha veduto il quadro troverà,
lo scrittore inglese non essere altriraenti tra-
scorso paragonando FOlbenio in alcune par-
ti con Raffaello; siccome hanno fatto altri
scrittori. E ii suo du-Fresnoy, che è in cer-

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