Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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as spokesman for the Navy expressed his appreciation
of this sister Service.

But who can give the spirit of the speeches on such
an occasion? Certainly not your present Reporter, and
he will attempt but little more in this direction; as soon
would he betray the sparkling conversation of the ladies,
his neighbours. Colonel Currie proposed the health of
the School, and Stephens, the senior boy present (in the
absence of the Captain) responded and proposed the
health of the Principals. M. Beilvert, speaking in French,
proposed the health of the ladies, and Master Evelegh
responded. Your Reporter will only refer at all fully to
the speech of the last named and to that of Mr. Catty
in reply to the Toast of "The Principals". First the
ladies spokesman shall be heard. He took up his po-
sition as ordained by custom on his chair and in a clear
voice and without too much shyness performed his
allotted task in a manner that fully satisfied the consti-
tuents for whom he spoke, in spite of the fact that he
disclaimed all knowledge of ladies and urged that the
duty that had fallen to him should really have been
given to one of those Seniors who must know all about
them — for do they not constantly and frequently attend
at the Heidelberg tea-rooms? This was a palpable hit.

Mr. Catty's speech may be called the speech of the
evening. He reminded the- party that for nineteen years
he had annually responded to the Toast of "The Prin-
cipals" at the College Dinner, and suggested that a
phonographic record of his speech would serve for future
occasions and then gave an account of the progress
made by the College since last Christmas. Referring to
the addition of a storey to the villa, he expressed his
satisfaction with this growth for the present year, whilst
mentioning the mathematical calculation which had been
made to prove that within a short time the College
would extend along the whole of the Neuenheimer Land-
strasse from Bridge to Bridge, and to the accusation
that on the other hand the College were annexing the
Philosophenweg by getting it to fall into their vineyards
by the aid of landslides.

With reference to prospective changes Mr. Catty
referred to the provision of Lawn Tennis Courts and
the running track at the playing field and other improve-
ments there.
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