Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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Turning to improvements in the actual work of the
school, he mentioned the difficulty that had been caused
by the decision of the Army Council that all schools
sending up candidates for the Military Examinations
should be subject to inspection and only such schools
as are found upon inspection to be satisfactory should
be accorded the privilege of granting Leaving Certifi-
cates. He pointed out that they were placed before the
alternatives, either of dropping the education of army
candidates or else providing for some form of inspection
that would be satisfactory to the Army Council. Dr. Holz-
berg and Mr. Catty chose the latter alternative as your
Reporter would have readily imagined and then ensued
much writing of letters and making of official visits,
and the final outcome was that Heidelberg College made
an arrangement with the University of London that it
should be visited by their Inspector. This has been
done and a most favourable report has been sent
to the Army Council, and it is anticipated that when the
list of schools recognised by the Council as qualified to
grant the Leaving Certificates is published, Heidelberg
College will occupy the proud position of being the only
school out of Great Britain that possesses this privilege.

Then came a few words as to the Games. The
School had lost a good Captain and many old blues,
and man}' were despondent as to the prospects for the
season. The Captaincy had been ably filled by Camp-
bell and the football team had been successful in de-
feating the redoubtable Frankfurt team. Once more the
existence of a gap had shown that a man was there to
fill it. Then a number of pleasant tokens of goodwill
from old boys were thankfully referred to, and the pre-
sentation of Challenge Cups by Clifford and Leao.

While the plumpudding blazed, Mr. Elias proposed
the health of the Guests and Mr. Shearman was their
spokesman and delighted all with a most humorous

The Old Boys' health was drunk at the instigation
of Professor Sütterlin and Mr. Schölte replied. Then
Mr. Bird reminded his hearers of their absent friends
and this final toast was drunk with the usual enthusiasm,
and a sheaf of picture postcards at once despatched to
absent friends at home in the East, in the West and at
the Antipodes.
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