Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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Soon after ten o'clock the Dinner reached the stage
of dessert and cigars. No more speeches were delivered,
but in swift succession a series of musical performances
entertained the company. Cronmire opened this concert
with the aid of his admirable phonograph and subse-
quently played a piano duet with Mr. Müller. Your Re-
porter is not a musical critic, he has heard much music
and knows what he likes, and all that was given at
Heidelberg College on Christmas night was of the kind
that he likes. He will not go through the programme
and award praise to one more than another. Who would
weigh a jolly rollicking comic song, such as those given
by Mr. Shearman, against the wonderful, artistic perfor-
mance on the cello that held everyone spellbound, pro-
vided by Currie with the aid of Mrs. Currie. Let it
suffice to mention further that Stewart played a piece
excellently on the violin; and that the whole company
enjoyed singing "Tobias and Mianchus"; and finally one
small performance your Reporter desires specially to
name for he thinks it the beginning of a series. Your
Reporter would congratulate Catty I on his maiden ap-
pearance as a performer at the College dinner. He re-
ceived the hearty welcome he deserved and your Re-
porter opines he will again sing next year, and years
after and each year another jolly song; and then that little
stage-fright which was obvious and secured the sym-
pathy of the party at once, will it not entirely vanish?

One word more. An innovation must be referred
to and a moral pointed. Why was it that the order
"All juniors must now go to bed" went forth almost
half an hour later than usual? Is the reason to be found
in the fact that the entertainment was going with such
a swing that even the Chairman enjoyed himself so
much as to forget the time? Or was it that the Juniors
in question whilst maintaining all desired decorum were
so thoroughly enjoying themselves that no one had the
heart to give the stern order? Your Reporter believes
that both factors had their effect.

Soon after midnight the party dispersed, and every
member thereof felt that there could not have been a
more jovial climax to the Christmas festivities.
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