Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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Our "one weak spot".

We are not saints entirely,
All fall beneath this curse,
That thought perhaps is cheering,
Perhaps it's the reverse.
Not one of us is perfect,
Not one so good — but what
We first or last discover
Our "one weak spot".

As we look round about us
We are compelled to own
We all have little failings
By which we may be known.
Some friends of mine, for instance,
Have only just this blot,
They are not keen on working,
Their "one weak spot".

One fellow has this failing,
He would be thought a wit,
Another has a weakness
For clothes of latest fit.
One man goes mad on Sandow,
Produces like a shot
For your inspection — muscles,
His "one weak spot".

Some love a sounding title,
The L. S. D. some court,
While others simply worship
All things concerning sport.
Some folks are nearly perfect,
No foolish faults they've got
Yet can't get up for breakfast,
Their '^>ne weak spot".

Yes, one way or another
We have our tender place,
We may as well be honest,
And own to it, with grace.
Some think they have not got one,
At least, they hope they've not,
No good! it can't be hidden,
Their "one weak spot".

I think I heard a murmur
Just now from all of you,
And how about the writer,
She must have failings too?
Ja wohl, she pens this rubbish
(She writes an awful lot)
And then she hopes you'll read it,
Her "one weak spot!"
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