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litia, Yeomanry, or Volunteers, leaving the Regulars as
they are. It had the support of our chief generals and
would stop much of the modern habit of loafing or
looking on.

The Hon. M. for St. Leonards, closing for his
party pointed out the dangers of over-discipline and
over-much militarism as in Germany. Strategical Rail-
ways had not yet been proved of use, and we could
easily repel the invader who would dare to attempt a
landing in England.

The Hon. M. for Gloucester in summing up
stated that if it took a ton of lead to kill a man in battle
the shooting must be bad indeed. He reminded his
hearers that at the manoeuvres a German Officer had
said that the Germans could land at Hull and be in
London in three days.

On Sunday the 17 th of December we had a good
attendance for the purposes of Sharp Practice Debate
when light motions were brought before the House.

The Hon. M. for Cardiff led off with the as-
sertion that, "A Jack of All Trades is to be preferred
to a Master of One." He was supported by the Hon.
M. for St. Austell, and opposed by the Hon. M.'s for
Cork and Wimbledon. The voting was equal, so that
the Motion was left undecided.

The Hon. M. for Windsor followed with the
motion that, "Luxuries ought not to be taxed". He was
also supported by the Hon. M. for St. Austell and op-
posed by the Hon. M.'s for Tavistock and Kensington.
(Lost 1 to 7.)

"Every action proceeds from a selfish motive" was
brought forward by the Hon. M. for Wimbledon and
opposed by the Hon. M.'s for Glasgow, Kensington, and
Tavistock. (Lost o to 8.)

"No man is a Hero to his own Valet" was moved
by the Hon. M. for Eastbourne and opposed by the
Hon. M. for St. Austell. (Lost 2 to 5.)

"A channel Tunnel between England and France is
desirable" was moved b3' the Hon. M. for Kensington
and opposed by the Hon. M.'s for St. Leonards and
Glasgow. (Lost 2 to 6.)
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