Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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Football Notes.

Owing to frost, snow and rain, we made rather a
late start with football this term. From last term's team
we had lost several members, including Mr. Taylor and
Mr. Elias, the latter having been compelled to give up
taking an active part in the game, owing to the liabi-
lity of his arm being put out again. Fortunately, we
found two very sound players in our new masters. We
have also to thank Lieut. Branson, who was kind enough
to play in the practice games and also in the "A S C"

We were only able to play three matches; the
rest, unfortunate^, had to be cancelled owing to out-
break of scarlatina. Of the three, we managed to win
two, after most exciting and keen matches, accounts of
which will be found farther down our columns. We re-
gret to mention that we have played our last match
with Neuenheim College, which had been a fixture for
all the winter terms for many years past, and which
was regarded as one of the best matches in South Ger-

The following have received Caps this term: —
Senior House: A. Cordingley. Junior House: C. Spratley.

The College v. the "A S C".

Played on Saturday, February 24th, on the home
field. Heavy showers fell during the morning, but
luckily the rain kept off in the afternoon. Campbell
won the toss, and decided to play against the wind.
The play from start to finish was keen and spirited.
The opposing pack, on account of the superior weight,
held their own in scrummages, but in the open were
completely outclassed by the clever footwork of our
lighter pack.

Play settled down fairly evenly in the middle of
the field. Several times their 3/4's were set in motion,
but threw away several chances through bad passing.
We gained ground very often b}' forward rushes.
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