Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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XXXIX. 1906



Football Characters.

Prince Alfonso. Back. A safe touch finder, but does not
always keep a good length. Tackling
sound, but his fielding is slow and un-

Smithers. Right wing 3/4. Given the necessary open-
ing he uses his pace very advantageously.
Better on the defence than attack. Tackles
too high and is inclined to run for touch

Walter. Centre 3/4. A dashing centre. Tackles
hard and low. His passing at times is
rather erratic and he often forgets his wing.

Robinson I. Centre 3/4. On his day shews brilliancy.

Tackling weak. Has yet to learn to go
low and to run straight.

Robinson II. Left wing 3/4. A player shewing promise.

Runs straight and strongly. His defence
is weak.

Currie. Halfback. A sound reliable half. Draws

his man well and makes openings for his
3/4's, but invariably passes too late. His
touch finding from behind the scrum de-
fending displays judgment and skill.

Stuart I. Halfback. A plucky player displaying great
tact and initiative. Rather slow in getting
the ball away. Shews brilliancy when de-

Campbell. Forward. Does yeoman service in the line

and in loose scrummages.
Simson. Forward. A hardworking forward und the

mainstay of the scrum. Tackling sound

and effective.

Wetherall. Forward. Always much in evidence doing

the right thing at the right moment.
Stephens. Forward. At his best forming the nucleus

of a rush in the open field.
Cordingley. Forward. In the line out of touch renders

invaluable service. Does good work in

the open.
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