Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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Leao. Forward. Has yet much to learn, but plays

with great dash.
Spratley. A plucky forward shewing great promise.
Hudson. Forward. A very plucky player, doing

very useful work in the open.
Jefferson. Forward. Has to learn the game. May

then develop into a useful player.

Our Concert and Dance.

Last Term the Headmasters decided to bring work
to a conclusion by a concert and dance to take place
on Monday, December 18th. So as to leave time for
Supper and Dancing, Mr. Müller who had been assisted
by H. N. Stephens, arranged a short programme of eight
well varied items which were computed to occupy the
space of an hour, excluding the inevitable encores.

Starting with a quintet entitled "Frühlingserwachen"
by Bach, the items promised to be as interesting as
usual. Mr. Müller presided at the piano and Currie did
yeoman service with his cello. Amongst the violins we
noticed Dean and Stewart II. H. Walter followed with,
"The Old Grey Fox" and gave as encore, "A Jovial
Monk am 1", out of "La Poupee". He possesses a
pleasant voice of excellent timbre and compass. R. W.
Parker and Mr. Müller played a duet entitled "Qui Vive",
with great verve, and then came the Madrigal out of
The Mikado contributed by Messrs. Buttanshaw, Newton
Walter, and Campbell. This was by far the most ambi-
tious item of the programme, and although the last part
of the first verse nearly came to grief, they rallied and
performed the second verse in a very creditable manner.
H. W. Stephens gave us a good and sympathetic ren-
dering of Chaminade's "Meditation" and responding to
a well-deserved encore added a pleasing little Salon-
stück. A. Raymond showed himself the possessor of a
well-trained voice in "Griselidis" by Massenet, although
indicating traces of straining and a vibrato which he
should carefully guard against in the future. He com-
plied with a request for an encore and possibly being
loading ...