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less nervous sang very much better than in his first
attempt. The piece de resistance proved to be a Ga-
votte for the violoncello by Popper, contributed by U.
A. Currie. Although the accompaniment was somewhat
in evidence the able young soloist handled his instru-
ment cleverly, the harmonics being especially fine. The
School Song accompanied by the Orchestra with solo
verses taken by Walter and the chorus by everyone
fair!}' brought down the house and the concert to a close.

We then repaired to the Dining Hall for supper,
where the Chaperones were installed at small tables
placed down the middle of the room, whilst those who
were to dance sat at the side tables and fortified them-
selves against their coming exertions. Meanwhile the
gymnasium was cleared, so that when we returned for
the light fantastic we found ample floor space, whilst the
adjacent rooms including the Doctor's study and Frau
Holzberg's sitting room had been prepared for the exi-
gencies of the sitter-out. The music was provided by
a blind pianist and two violinists, one of whom was
deaf, and it was interesting to note how people can rise
superior to circumstances, for their performances left
nothing to be desired.

We started off to the stately Polonaise, treading its
mystic mazes without mishap. A waltz followed, then
a polka, then the Lancers and so on, dance following
dance in quick succession far on into the night. Dur-
ing the intervals we ate ices and drank bowle, endea-
voured to make ourselves interesting in German or Eng-
lish, and fixed up the blanks in our Programmes or
gambled recklessly in "extras". All round us we noted
happy eager faces, some flushed with the exertions of
the preceding dance, and all averring that the evening
was "ripping". One thing certain, it was flying all too
fast, and when the Principals gave the signal for the
finish at half past one, it might have been only eleven.

So terminated our Winter Semester in so success-
ful a manner that we would fain express the hope that
it may be repeated on the first opportunity available.
We wish to express our very hearty thanks to the
Principals and Mrs. Catty for their efforts in providing
what has been the best of our Winter Entertainments for
a long time past.
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