Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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Old Boy's News.

Our heartiest congratulations are due to our former
Science Master, Dr. Denning, now of the Birmingham
University, on his marriage with Miss E. M. Burnside.

Ernest Thring has been transferred to H. M. S. Dido,
Channel Fleet. We hear that he is engaged to be mar-
ried to Miss Marjorie Langle\\ Wir senden ihm unsere
allerbesten Glückwünsche und hoffen, dass die Hochzeit
bald nachfolgt! _

C. H. Montgomery is now living at Newton Heath,
near Manchester. He is an Engineer in the employment
in the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company and
as a Works manager has over 2000 workmen under hin.

A. J. Montgomery has remained faithful to the Grain
Trade and letters addressed to him at 4, Lloyd's Avenue,
Fenchurch Street, E. C, will always find him.

The School Party, returning from London on Janu-
ary 19th, have asked us to express their thanks to
Ernest Beck for his kind telegram, received at Parkstone
Quay, wishing them all a "Glückliche Reise". They
are happy to say that his good wishes were fully realised.

Answering our requests for photographs of former
and present Pupils of the College for our Dining Hall,
we have to acknowledge photos received from E. C.
Hodgkins, C. V. W. Jefferson. W. R. Parker, E. E. C.
Cooper, R. F. Scrivener, L. H. Branson (in his Indian
Uniform), R. Griffith and J. R. Kemp.

Victor Saunders has passed into the University of
Glasgow and has distinguished himself on the River,
being a Member of the Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club.

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