Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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Mr. Catty and Dr. Holzberg wish us to express their
very best thanks for the great number of pretty Christ-
mas Cards and welcome letters they received, which they,
to their regret, the number of Old Boys having grown
very large, can no longer always answer individually.

Lieut. Charles Steele suggests that a list of Old
Boys should be printed annually. Perhaps this sug-
gestion might lead to a closer union of all the Old Boys
of the College in connection with the Old Heidelbergs'
Annual Dinners in London. It would certainly be very
desirable that such a list should be printed and circu-
lated largely among our Old Boys, so as to give each
of them some notice of the whereabouts of his former
fellow students.

Lindsay Parker has entered the Army and is now
a Lieutenant in the 3rd Battalion of the Grenadier
Guards, quartered at Chelsea Barracks, S. W.

Lieut. A. Stuart-Menteth is now in the 24 th Punjabs,
stationed at Lucknow.

Wallace Lyons is attending Lectures at the Man-
chester University.

Our heartiest thanks are due to W. H. Clifford for
the pretty Cup for the "under 16'' division, which arrived
a few days ago and which he promised us in his letter
of August 14th, published in our last number. It will
be a lasting souvenir of an excellent former Pupil of
the College and the youngsters are particularly happy
to have it. _ _

It was with particular pleasure that we received a letter
from our Old Boy, W. H. Charnley (1887 to 1889), who
is an Attorney-at-Law in Goshen, Ind., U. S. A., and
the father of a happy family, sending us his subscription
for the School Magazine and asking us to send him
over the hat band of the College (chocolate and white),
l ie also enquired whether it was possible to get still the
loading ...