Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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Our heartiest congratulations are due to Frau Doc-
tor on the birth of her little Daughter.

We notice that the Pension Internationale is not
visited quite so frequently as of yore. Is it because the
Tea Rooms are closed?

We regret the loss of W. II. Taylor, Esq., and
B. liennah, Esq. The latter is a Schoolmaster in Eng-
land and we have good tidings of the former from Siam.
We offer our heartiest welcome to H. E. Hale, Esq.,
and A. E. Marley, Esq., to the Masters' Common Room.

After having played against one another for many
years in rowing, football and sports, we must at last
bid farewell to Neuenheim College. May they take our
kindest wishes with them.

The snow has afforded us some good tobogganing
this year, and we are pleased to be able to record no

During our stay at Auerbach, very spirited Ping-
Pong and Billiard tournaments were contested for.

Is it true that two members of the Staff were mis-
taken for Seniors during our stay at Auerbach and re-
ported by the proprietor for keeping late hours?

The Carnival took place as usual on Shrove Tues-
day, February 27 th.

Owing to the very pretty costumes that the fellows
of Heidelberg College were seen to wear during the
Carnival, the Principals very kindly granted us leave
off prep, for an impromptu dance in the Gym.

The Games' Club Committee wish to express their
heartiest thanks to J. R, Leao for presenting the College
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