Alt-Heidelberg: Heidelberg College magazine — 1906

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School House: C. de Pur}', F. W. Hudson, R. Scri-


F. W. Hudson A. T. Cronmire, L. Dalldorf.
New Boys this Term:

Senior House: C. A. W. Jefferson, W. Hoare, P. de

School House: J.Sampson, T. Nanson, G. Blyth, R.W.
Reid, A. F. Reid, G. V. de B. Griffith, C. J. Gaitskell,
C. Scott.

Work will end on Wednesday, April nth, and
will be resumed on Thursdaj', May 3rd, when every
Pupil must be in his place.

The College Party will leave Liverpool Street Sta-
tion on Monday, April 30th, at 8-30 p. m. It is parti-
cularly requested that Pupils should join this party and
only travel later or by another route with special per-
mission from the Principals.

Pupils joining this party must be at the Station not
later than eight o'clock, provided with a second-class
ticket to Heidelberg (left side of Rhine) and see their
luggage registered through to Heidelberg.

Boat tickets for using the saloon on board the Har-
wich steamer will be sent free of charge, together with
labels, by the Principals, one of whom will be in Lon-
don during the second half of April. Address: Gros-
venor Club, Piccadilly, W.
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