Andersen, Hendrick Christian [Hrsg.]; Hébrard, Ernest M. [Hrsg.]
Creation of a world centre of communication — Paris, 1913

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With the keenest sympathy and appreciation, I wish to convey
my deep gratitude to the many collaborators who have assisted me
in accomplishing this volume.

The untiring energy and valuable counsel as well as the ins-
piring suggestions of Olivia Gushing Andersen, have been of vital
assistance to me.

To M. Ernest Hebrard, aided by his brother, M. Jean
Hebrard, I am indebted for the architectural execution of the
plans and elevations here presented. Their artistic taste and
excellent judgment of practical planning upon colossal lines, have
facilitated my giving a definite form to this World-Centre. I
also extend my warm appreciation to their assisting architects
and draughtsmen as well as to the painters and engineers who
have contributed valuable counsel and shown exquisite taste in
their work upon these plans.

Iam indebted to M. Gabriel Leroux for his co?itribution of
the historical text, and to Olivia Gushing Andersen for the trans-
lation of the same; to M. Paid Hyacinthe Loyson, assisted by
Mr Charles Marie Gamier and M. Henry Davray for the trans-
lation of my text; to M. Jules Chauvct for his careful and exquisite
execution of the engravings, to M. Ch. Wittmann, with the assis-%
tance of M. Jules Nibart, for the impressions of same, to the
Maison Renouard, under the able direction of M. Paul Bourge,
for the printing of the book.

For their excellent assistance, my esteem and gratitude are
extended to all my collaborators.


3, Pia\\a del Popolo, Rome
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