Andersen, Hendrick Christian [Hrsg.]; Hébrard, Ernest M. [Hrsg.]
Creation of a world centre of communication — Paris, 1913

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After a careful examination of the suggestions and plans brought
forward in this volume, the question will arise naturally : where
and how could such a centre be advantageously and securely esta-
blished ?

There can be no doubt that an attempt towards more fraternal interna-
tional relations is not only morally and spiritually but also economically
essential to the progress of humanity; nor is it doubtful that such relations
will result from freer opportunities for close affiliation upon more open
grounds; such affiliations, in fact would uplift the whole human race.

In referring to the general Plans, it will quickly have been seen that this
centre was conceived as placed upon the sea-coast; for a site with direct lines
of communication to all the existing capital cities of the world would surely
be considered of first importance in the establishment of a centre created for
the convenience of all nations. Moderate climatic conditions would likewise
render it more inviting and agreeable for those who, coming from any land,
might desire to visit or reside there.

The possibilities for such a site abound upon the coast of the Atlantic
between the Isthmus of Panama and New England. They are also to be found
upon the shores of the Mediterranean : Italy, Spain, Tunis or Tripoli.

The commercial, economic and moral advantages of opening the way to
more positive and beneficial relations with Asia and the whole of Africa would
undoubtedly be thereby assured. The already international interests of these
immense lands offer a magnificent scope for the formation of a grand Inter-
national Centre, upon or adjoining those rich and vast territories, which,
sooner or later, must come into closer economic touch with Europe and
America and bring their millions of fertile and productive acres into the
current of the active energy of modern scientific, civilised life.

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